Some social media discussed the release of Musa Hilal

to clarify this
The aforementioned person has not been released and is still facing a military court hearings, in its headquarters, as he is one of the armed forces personnel, and faces reports No. (620) dated 2/3/2014 under articles 21/51/130/168/182) of the Criminal Code of 1991at El fasher police middle station, Due to the seizure of 18 vehicles belonging to the police forces and the destruction of one and killed 15 people and injured 45 police officers, the public prosecutor referred the report to the military court to be tried before it, by virtue of jurisdiction. where the indictment  consisted of the military judiciary, the public prosecution, and joined by police forces for their special right,was formed, according to the article. 4/36) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, For the year 1991, and with the approval of the Public Prosecution..
Police Press Office

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