The South Sudan Police Delegation Concludes A Successful Visit To Khartoum And Signs A Cooperation protocol With The Sudanese Police

The south sudan state police delegation headed by the first lieutenant general police,Majak Akij Malok,Inspector general of the south sudan police and the accompanying high delegation concluded a successful visit to the country,at the invitation of his counterpart,first lieutenant general police (jurist) Adel Mohamed Ahmed Bashair,Director General of police forces.

The two sides held in the police club in Khartoum,a session of discussion,that concluded with the signing of the final report of the visit,after the sepecialized committees started their work and came out with recommendations that enable the police of both countries to benefit in providing distinguished and advanced police services to citizens in all fields.the first lieutenant general police(jurist) Adel Mohamed Ahmed Bashair,Director General of the sudanse police signed on the side of sudan police,while the first lieutenant general police,Inspector general Majak Ikej signed on the side of the state of south sudan.the five committees are criminal investigation committee,the customs and crossing committee,passport and civil registry committee,and capacity building and development committee.these committees recommended to enhance cooperation and coordination between the police in the two exchange information and experiences ,to qualify and train police officers in the two countries,specially south sudan state police, through various police departments and forensic evidence in particular,by giving them opportunities for train,beside cooperation to simplify the immigration procedures between the two countries,at border ports and airports,and work to open border crossing to facilitate commercial movement,in accordance to the regulations agreed upon,beside combating smuggling operations,exchange criminals,and work to transfer expertise and experiences in way that achieves security and stability for the two brothely peoples.its to be mentioned that the delegation during its three days visit has been enlightened on the efforts of the traffic department,police Dogs,the electronic passport factory,the civil registry and customs,and their police services that are provided to citizens,in which technology is used to reach the citizen easly and conveniently.

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